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Manajemen Sistem Informasi Korporat – 3

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Published on: February 17, 2009

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IT and organization
16 Februari 2009
Week 3

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Organisasi di zaman industrial: kompleks tapi stabil
Organisasi di zaman network: semuanya dapat melakukan apapun
Pertanyaannya: seperti apa organisasi di masa mendatang?

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Organization models
If the old model of organization was the large, hierarchical organization, the new model that is considered characteristics of the new competition is a network of lateral and horizontal interlinkages within and among firms, (Nohria & Eccles)

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baca buku: who said elephant can’t dance? – lon gerstner

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Learning from mistakes

  • Speed counts, but not at the expense of control:
    • The faster the pace, the greater the need to monitor business operations and clearly define and enforce the rule of the road
  • Empowerment is not anarchy
  • Transforming organization require more than just changing the structure

> Semakin cepat bisnis kita, semakin lost control.

> Empowerment bukan menambah jam kerja, tapi menambah kemampuan untuk mengambil keputusan (otonom)

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Redefining organization/management control system

  • Balancing between operation and management process
  • Shortening the business cycle requires streamline, integrating, and synchronizing operating and management process

(lihat halaman 67)

Control -> business cycle -> contoh: 2 bulan lagi kita berkumpul untuk membahas masalah

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Organizing for innovation and execution

  • System thinking demands good understanding of the casual relationships between individual components of a system and the whole. This helps management to view/make change in a holistic manner not in a segmented manner
  • And based on this understanding the casual relationship between individual components, one can evaluate the system performance against accomplishing goals
  • A learning model is founded on deep understanding of the operating process

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Menyediakan fasilitas teknologi untuk mempercepat proses learning organization

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Redefining authority system

  • From hierarchy to on demand enterprise
  • Problem with hierarchy
    • Access to relevant information
  • On demand:
    • Flattening and elevating information access curve
    • Collaborating in structure, culture, authority, etc
    • High information iteracy

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